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PGAM offers an advanced acquisition and programmatic advertising platform, engineered to integrate state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated data science.

Our platform is designed to effectively connect advertisers with high-intent audiences, ensuring optimized performance across a variety of channels and verticals.

Tailored for the contemporary, privacy-conscious digital environment, our solutions support the strategic development and growth of powerful brands, enhancing engagement with targeted consumer segments.


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Audience Monetization
Advertisers and Agencies

Optimized Marketplace For High Performing Campaigns

Committed to empowering a diverse range of partners, including web, in-app and CTV publishers, we specialize in effective audience monetization.

Leveraging our broad network of direct and programmatic arrangements, we are able to connect our partners with highly profitable monetization opportunities.

Our approach centers on sophisticated optimization techniques, employing attention metrics and AI technology to enhance revenue potential.


Media agencies interested in efficient setups and ROI on their advertising budgets.

Our platform offers advertisers and agencies access to a selectively curated and transparent marketplace, comprising top-tier partners. Utilizing our cutting-edge service solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI), we refine every facet of programmatic advertising. This approach ensures the delivery of highly efficient results, strategically aligning advertisements with the most pertinent audiences.



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Cookieless Technology
Across All Formats, Web, Mobile, In-App & CTV
Transparency On All Trading Activities
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